Water Authority of Great Neck North- Storm Mitigation Loan Program Project Management Services. Walden has been working with this local public water supplier since 2013. Superstorm Sandy jeopardized the Water Authority’s ability to provide adequate water to the community and local emergency services in the weeks following the hurricane, highlighting the vulnerability of the supply wells and distribution infrastructure to flooding and power loss. Walden prepared grant applications to obtain funding for proposed water system improvements under the Storm Mitigation Loan Program (SMLP), established through the NYS Drinking Water State Revolving Fund provisions of the Federal Disaster Relief Appropriations Act of 2013. Engineering reports were prepared describing the projects, which included installing backup power generators and elevating wellheads above the flood elevation to minimize flood damage and service interruptions.

Upon reviewing the grant applications written by Walden, the State awarded over $15 million (25% grant and 75% zero interest loan) to the Water Authority to implement these projects. Walden then prepared the NEPA/SEQRA environmental review documentation and assisted the water supplier in finalizing the financing agreement with the NYS Environmental Facilities Corporation. The contracts for these projects are subject to Minority/Women Owned Business Enterprise (M/WBE), Equal Employment Opportunity, Davis Bacon and other requirements specified in the financing agreement based on the Federal source of the funding. The grant award secured by Walden enabled the Water Authority to implement vital system improvements to protect water system equipment and prevent interruption of the water distribution system in the event of a future flood or natural disaster. These essential projects are now being implemented to support a more resilient system.

Walden worked with the Water Authority on a portable generator installation/electrical modifications project made possible by SMLP funding. Walden was responsible for ensuring compliance with all terms of the SMLP financing agreement. The State approved the EEO Staffing Plan and M/WBE Utilization Plan prepared during the course of the project. Walden documented its good faith efforts to involve M/WBE firms in the project and meet applicable SMLP M/WBE goals. Walden designed the system, assisted in contractor bidding, provided field oversight during construction, and performed contract administration. Construction was completed in late 2017 and the project is now in the final closeout phase.