Who Needs an NYC DEP Air Emissions Registration?

DEP Registration or Work Permit

NYCDEP Registration(s) for Air Emissions Sources How Does New York City Control Air Pollution? The New York City Air Pollution Control Code (APCC) (Chapter 1 of Title 24 of the NYC Administrative Code) regulates the emission into open air “of any harmful or objectionable substance” in order to “preserve, protect and improve the air resources… Read More

Cooling Tower and Evaporative Coolers Issues – What You Need to Know about Legionella Compliance in New York State

Legionnaire Pontiac Fever

Legionnaire’s Disease is Preventable Recent outbreaks of Legionellosis (Legionnaire’s disease) have been traced to the uncontrolled release of Legionella Bacteria in mists generated from operational cooling towers and evaporative coolers (cooling units). Respiring or breathing in this bacteria can result in a pneumonia-like infection of the lungs which can prove fatal for people with compromised… Read More

Dry Cleaners Regulatory Update – 6 NYCRR Part 232

The Environmental Impact of Dry Cleaners Historically, dry cleaning facilities have been hotbeds for subsurface contamination due to the solvents used in the dry cleaning process.  Chlorinated solvents are the chemicals most associated with dry cleaners and their environmental impact, namely perchloroethylene (PCE, or “perc”) and trichloroethylene (TCE).  Living near a former or current dry… Read More

Proposed Amendment 6 NYCRR Chapter III – Air Resources Part 226 Solvents Metal Cleaning Process

Regulations pertaining to industrial cleaning and degreasing with solvents are changing. Here are the big take-aways.  Businesses that use solvents or cold cleaners for equipment cleaning, take note of changes in regulations that could affect your industrial operations. NYSDEC is proposing to amend 6NYCRR Part 226 concerning air emission related to Solvent Metal Cleaning Process…. Read More

Environmental Impact of Proposed Part 360 Rule Change

Draft Generic Environmental Impact Statement The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) has revised the draft generic environmental impact statement (DGEIS), originally released with the proposed Part 360 rule changes in the spring of 2016.  After receiving many comments on the DGEIS, the NYSDEC revised the report and has released the “revised DGEIS”,… Read More