Walden was retained as the environmental consultants and engineers to assist the property owner of 3 contiguous industrial park properties negotiate and satisfy a NYSDEC order to remediate the properties.



Historic on-site industrial operations on 3 contiguous industrial park properties resulted in chlorinated solvent soil and groundwater contamination via on-site leaching structures which became responsibility of property owner, not generator of contamination (former industrial tenants), to remediate.



Negotiated NYSDEC required consent order for property owner of the sites; Then implemented soil and groundwater investigation activities to collect data to support subsequent remedial system designs approved by NYSDEC to remediate contamination; Installed, operated and maintained SVE/AS system.

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SVE/AS remedial system significantly reduced on-site contamination concentrations in groundwater (Remediation is still on-going).



SVE/AS remedial system controlled source of contamination and prevented further migration off-site.

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