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Here at Walden, we have over 30 years of Solid Waste Management operations and permitting expertise, and can help you and your facility tackle these changes. Walden is one of a few companies with experience dealing with Fill Transfer Station permitting. Do you know what the next steps are to determine your facility's eligibility?
Start by reviewing the next steps listed below:

Step One

I am a Registered Fill Transfer Station. Do I need a permit?

Step Two

Does my Fill Material Transfer Station manage more than 500 tons/day of throughput?

Step Three

I want to / do not want to obtain a NYSDEC permit. How do I go about this? Call Walden!

If YES, or you are unsure, get in touch with Walden!

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Our Services for Transfer Stations

Walden’s solid waste engineers are experts at evaluating and designing new or modified facilities in accordance with local and state regulations and requirements related to zoning, offsets, storage, and operations. We can assist your facility in obtaining the required permits or modifications and maintaining continued regulatory compliance. We can file applications, drawings, and reports for the modification and expansion of your permits. Walden can also ensure that your facility complies with air emission regulations, stormwater management regulations, and waste acceptance requirements.

Waste Permitting

Walden has over 30 years of experience in designing and permitting solid waste facilities including landfill operations, scale houses and solid waste transfer stations handling waste oil, waste cooking oil, construction and demolitions debris (C&D), clean fill, waste tires and scrap metals. Walden’s experience includes selection and layout of sorting and screening equipment. We also help clients with scale house placement, traffic throughput planning, and annual operational permitting requirements.

Sampling and Material Control Plans

Walden can prepare your facility’s Material Control Plan as required by NYSDEC. We can provide sampling and other options for operating your facility to ensure compliance with the regulations.

Annual Reporting

Walden can prepare the annual and quarterly waste quantity reports for submittal to State and Local departments in accordance with permit requirements.

Storm Water – SPDES Permitting

Walden works with clients to ensure compliance with the Federal and State wastewater and storm water discharge requirements. The NPDES/SPDES programs limit the levels of certain contaminants that can be discharged to surface waters and groundwater. Walden can help you obtain NPDES/SPDES permits as needed for your operations or construction activity.

Wetland Permitting

Your plans will need to be approved by some and often many regulatory agencies. Walden will present your plans to the agencies in whatever format they require (simple submittal and review, a private presentation, a public meeting or a public hearing) and usher them through the regulatory process.

Opacity Testing for Generators/Engines

Walden can assist you in complying with all the Federal, State and Local Air Emission Regulations that apply to your facility.

OSHA Issues/Audits

Walden performs OSHA compliance audits of facility operations and work sites to assist in identifying OSHA compliance issues. During these mock audits, Walden also inspects written policies, procedures and recordkeeping procedures. Facility records and any OSHA correspondence are reviewed in order to assess the scope and scale of any health and safety violations. At the conclusion of our inspection, Walden prepares a report with findings and recommendations for ways in which your facility can improve OSHA compliance, along with the estimated cost to implement the various compliance steps. Walden can also assist you in providing training for several OSHA standards (noise, respiratory protection, lockout/tag out, HAZCOM, PPE).

DOB Filing

Walden can prepare all required DOB filing reports, compliance evaluations and certifications. Walden can assist you in determining the best options for filing with DOB, both existing and potential future operations.

AST/UST Permitting

Walden permits existing ASTs and USTs with state and/or local agencies as required by the regulations. We can file your permit applications and renewal paperwork, and help resolve any violations noted during agency inspections.

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