Career Day Photo 2On June 5, 2013, Walden Associates CEO, Joe Heaney, attended Oyster Bay Junior High School’s Career Day. Walden Associates was one of twenty-five companies that attended the event with the goal to educate young high school students about a profession in Engineering and Environmental Science.

Each company decorated its tabletop display around the gym with various props and free giveaways, trying their best to capture the attention of high school students. At 10 o’clock, approximately one hundred moving up 9th grade students fluttered into the gymnasium dressed in a white T-shirt with their “ideal career” neatly written across the front. Joe was very pleased by the great number of students dressed in Engineering and Geology t-shirts. The students were broken up into small groups, and each group was given five minutes at each station to converse and learn about the various businesses. As doctors, lawyers, interior designers, artists, creative writers, and athletes excitedly rotated the gym, they learned about a variety of possible career paths. The students were engaged and inquisitive throughout the event, asking questions about what kind of training is required for the field, what kind of activities and courses they should participate in during high school and what we liked and disliked about the job.

Joe encouraged the students interested in Engineering and Geology to take as many Science and Math courses as possible during their high school years and earn a Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering or Geology from their college.  Many students expressed their enthusiasm and shared stories about the Earth Science class they were currently taking, so Joe recommended they further their science knowledge by taking Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Physics, and Pre-Calculus while still at Oyster Bay High School.  The students enjoyed hearing about particular projects that Walden Associates works on, and how Walden finds a solution to a variety of environmental issues, such as how Walden works to keep Long Island’s groundwater contaminant free by designing and installing treatment systems on wells heads and within plumes. They were pleased to learn about how Walden helps people/clients solve their environmental problems and in turn help improve the quality of the environment.

All students appreciated the words of advice Joe gave them.  Joe remarked to all that attended the event, “if your have passion for your chosen profession (as all Walden’s staff do) you will not have a job when you set out into the work world, but rather a profession”.  Joe went on to explain to the students how Walden ensures it staff progressively grow as professional and leaders in the field of Environmental Consulting. Joe had a wonderful morning engaging with the local community and inspiring the next generation to become Environmental Engineers.

Community service at Walden is key to our commitment to both local and national service, if your organization is looking for pro bono environmental/regulatory help please do not hesitate to call Walden and speak to our helpful staff about how we might help.  Or you can go here and send an email to Joe or other Walden Staff memebers.

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