Environmental Consultant New YorkIf you’re looking for an environmental consultant, New York has a number of firms you might consider. Walden Associates is a good choice, because they offer comprehensive environmental engineering services and consulting for both public and private clients.

For work that takes place within New York, it’s best choose an environmental consultant New York experienced – thoroughly versed in applicable federal and state regulations but also those requirements specific to NYC, other municipalities or certain counties. These rules can be daunting, but compliance is critical, no matter what kind of environmental issues you face.

Innovative solutions for your environmental challenges. 

Walden’s environmental consulting services link you with a team of experts that can:

  • Perform Phase I Environmental Site Assessments and other feasibility studies.
  • Conduct groundwater and soil investigations.
  • Help you monitor fuel oils and chemical storage compliance.
  • Assist with planning and execution for removal of underground and above ground storage tanks.
  • Provide training to maintain OSHA compliance.

Walden has special expertise in working with auto dealerships to achieve compliance assurance and employee training, and is a proud member of the Greater New York Auto Dealer Association.

Walden also provides all types of professional environmental engineering services,  including:

  • Remedial system design.
  • Water, wastewater and stormwater system design
  • Regulatory compliance planning and procedures, including manuals.
  • Permitting assistance.

Walden Associates is the environmental consultantNew Yorkthat can pull it all together with civil engineering services, too. They combine science-based investigations that lay the groundwork with functional design and construction oversight that turn plans-on-paper into built-out facilities. Walden can successfully take on projects ranging from roadway design to storage tank system design and installation, and they can oversee those construction projects on your behalf.

Why choose Walden Associates?

Why Walden Associates?  Walden’s professional staff brings both in-depth technical expertise and broad client experience to your job. They understand your business needs, as well as your environmental concerns. And they have well-established industry relationships, enabling them to work smoothly with technical colleagues, regulators, property owners and other project team members.

But what sets Walden Associates apart is their meticulous dedication to finding solutions  tailored to meet your project-specific requirements and budget. You’d expect attention to detail from any consulting firm. But Walden offers personalized service that goes beyond the expected, making them a sought-afterNew Yorkenvironmental consultant.

You can hire Walden Associates to support existing staff or bring an entirely new perspective to your environmental challenges. They can give you a little specific advice or recommendations, or they can help you design and complete entire projects from the ground up, or even underground.

They can help you create streamlined monitoring and record-keeping processes, suggest the most appropriate software to help manage your work and train your own people to work safely around potentially dangerous fuels and chemicals. They can help you negotiate confusing permitting process. And they can help you ensure your annual Community Right-to-Know records and filings are complete and accurate, to minimize fees and prevent penalties.

And they do it all with a keen eye on your budget. Comparative cost review is always an important component of their work, because they understand that no solution is valuable – whether you’re a government agency or a private enterprise – unless it’s cost-effective.

Working with Walden’s team is easy, because they’re comfortable articulating even the most complex information so it’s readily understood by non-technical project participants.

They approach every job as if it’s the most important one. Because, for you, it is. You can count on Walden Associates for accurate and thorough reports and documentation. Thoughtful data analysis. Systems that reduce annual operations and maintenance costs while ensuring top-level safety and assured regulatory compliance.

And isn’t that what you want in an environmental consultantNew York?

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