Fuel-Management-System-to-Record-Fueling-TransactionsWith the right fuel management system, you can record and track virtually every action and transaction that relates to your fuel. You get detailed, accurate and up-to-date information to monitor fuel assets, identify and assess opportunities to improve your fueling procedures.

A fuel management system will help you follow all key types of transactions. When you augment it with FuelMaster’s Automotive Information Modules (AIM2), you can track even more information, on a per-vehicle basis.

Purchases, inventory and storage.

Many fuel management systems work directly with your tank monitoring units so you always know exactly what types and amounts of fuel you have on hand.

Fuel dispensing.

The system records vehicle and site identification codes, authorized fuel type and quantity limit, service hours as well as hours and miles until next service is needed. With AIM2, fueling automatically stops if the wrong fuel is dispensed or the electronic connection between fueling nozzle and vehicle is interrupted, eliminating the possibility of theft.

Vehicle usage details.

Capture mileage and service hour information to stay on schedule with regularly-planned maintenance. The system will also alert you to engine error codes that could indicate problems between regular service, so you can address them right away. You can keep your fleet healthier and on the road longer, stretching those always-limited budget dollars.

Driver actions.

Automation significantly reduces — or in the case of AIM2, eliminates — driver and crew time spent on record-keeping. And capturing information about things like run and idle times, maintenance needs, and odometer readings can help you streamline procedures and reporting.

A fuel management system can materially benefit any size operation that uses any type of liquid or gaseous pump-able fuel, even alternative fuels. That includes:

  • Fleet operators from huge national firms to locally owned and operated trucking or bus companies
  • Marinas
  • Municipal or other government entities with police, fire or utility departments that maintain fleets
  • Fleet leasing companies whose leases include fuel
  • Mobile fueling systems

If you’re fueling for a third party, such as Fixed Based Operations at a smaller airport, you can track all those transaction details as well as your internal data. You can prepare invoices faster and more easily, confident they are entirely accurate.

Anyone who has an interest in controlling inventory and costs associated with managing fuel and fleets can benefit from using a fuel management system to record their transactions. That amounts to positive results every way you look at it.

Photo Credit: Samuel Howzit

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