fuel-management-system-checklist-3There are many ways in which a fleet management system can benefit your operation. Better security and saving money usually come to mind first, but the right system can bring you other significant advantages as well. But how do you choose the right system?

In order to thoroughly research fleet fuel management systems, start by evaluating your current situation, because the right system is one that will meet all your needs. Use this checklist to contemplate what’s working well now and what’s missing. Even if something seems OK, could it be better?


  • Percentage of loss – are you having problems with theft, misallocation?
  • Do you always know how much fuel inventory you have and where it is?


  • Amount of “apparent loss” due to human error recording fueling or vehicle information.
  • Availability of information regarding fuel purchasing, allocation, vehicle maintenance, etc. to make daily and long-term decisions.
  • Is data complete?
  • Accurate?
  • Consistently gathered and recorded?
  • Is the information sufficient, or could you be more effective with more detailed data?


  • Amount of time spent by drivers, crew members and office staff recording information and shuffling paperwork that could be automated.
  • Amount of time spent by managers hunting for information or files and creating reports.

Fleet maintenance

  • Early detection of repair needs.
  • Consistent maintenance scheduling and performance.
  • Vehicle mileage tracking.
  • Fuel efficiency.
  • Routing and scheduling efficiency.


  • Fleet size.
  • Number and location of fueling sites.
  • Age and condition of current fueling equipment.
  • Public or private.

A fleet fuel management system will pay for itself in relatively short order, with operation-wide savings that include better security, better fuel efficiency, reduced maintenance and labor.

Don’t inadvertently settle for “pretty good.” Just because a fleet fuel management system will make things better doesn’t mean it’s the best one for you. To ensure you’ve covered all the bases, get professional assistance from a firm that’s knowledgeable about fuel management systems but also other environmental, storage, handling and regulatory aspects of fuel management.

Consulting with a pro will help you thoroughly evaluate your situation and carefully explore the options. You’ll be able to find the fleet fuel management system that fully addresses all your needs, and you’ll be fully equipped to get the most from the system you choose.

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