environmental consulting firmVery few organizations, public or private, have enough specialized expertise in-house to conduct extensive environmental studies. That’s where an environmental consulting firm comes into play. They can become a temporary part of your team, or they can serve as an ongoing working partner.

It’s essential to select the right environmental consulting firm, to ensure you get the most comprehensive, reliable data and recommendations to make well-informed, cost-effective decisions.  Learn more about Walden Associates.

Perhaps you’re about to purchase a piece of property and you need to conduct a Phase 1 site assessment. Or you’ve just taken over a business that handles fuel or an array of industrial chemicals, and you need help understanding your responsibilities and how to best manage your facility. Maybe you represent a municipality facing a remediation problem. Or an oil and gas exploration company looking to ensure regulatory compliance.

Because every consulting project is unique, each requires an equally unique approach – one that’s systematic but customized for your property and goals. The work is often complex, involving tremendous amounts of data. These three factors are key to finding an environmental consulting firm well-matched to your project and your organization.

1. The right credentials.

Look for a firm staffed by Board Certified Environmental Engineers and Environmental Scientists – chemical engineers, geologists and hydrogeologists with the specific scientific knowledge to address the type of environmental consulting you need, whether it involves soil, water, air or all three, above or below the surface.

The better their credentials, the more confident you can be that you’re getting the highest quality data and analysis. Someone less qualified is more likely to miss – or misinterpret — important details, leaving you with inadequate results.

2. Experience that transcends academics.

The right environmental consulting firm will be both knowledgeable and resourceful, proactive in uncovering all the facts pertaining to your property or project. They’ll have the experience to thoroughly analyze that information, reading even the smallest signs that could point to problems or opportunities. They know what’s worked, or not, in other similar circumstances or locations.

They’ll use the latest innovative technology to augment their field work and lab analysis, to devise and evaluate the most appropriate, enduring solutions.

3. Rapport.

The right firm can demonstrate success with every phase of environmental consulting, from site inspection, testing and evaluation to recommendations, follow up planning and overseeing implementation. That’s crucial. But ultimately, success depends on relationships, too.

The right environmental consulting firm will be credible, competent and creative. They will consider your entire situation and your best interests, so the solutions they recommend mesh efficiently with the rest of your operation, including your budget. After all, they may be scientists, but they’re also business people.

They’ll work hand-in-hand with your project team, both scientists and non-technical individuals, speaking in laymen’s terms and using visuals that clearly show the problem at hand.

They will be intimately familiar with federal, state and local environmental regulations, and have established contacts with regulatory officials. Their reputation for excellence and congenial working relationships can make a significant difference in how smoothly and cost-effectively your project proceeds.

The right environmental consulting firm can help you choose contractors, if needed, and even supervise their work. They can help you understand any applicable reporting or other compliance requirements. They can help you evaluate and organize your facility so your procedures for handling and storing hazardous substances are streamlined and secure. Everything they do will help you focus on safety and productivity so you can avoid problems in the first place.

Choosing an environmental consulting firm that is well-established and has comprehensive experience gives you peace of mind that you’ll get the best results, no matter what sort of consultation you need, whether it’s for a single project or for ongoing professional collaboration.  So take a look around our site and don’t be afraid tocontact us!

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